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Following sensors are typical examples of the AMITEQ products.
The sensor specifications as dimension, performance, and etc can be designed for each application.

Angular Sensor - Examples

Winding Coil Type

● High robustness against misalignment

ex. More than six times more robust than the conventional resolver

(ref. Comparison of Accuracy with φ37, 2x)

● High Accuracy

ex. +/- 0.15 deg (mechanical)

● Design options

Winding coil type & Printed pattern coil type available

● Adoption results for automotive use

Adoption results for traction motor control of EV/HEV/PHEV applications, and for EPS motor control

PCB Coil Type
Example of adoption results of
® for automotive use...
φ97, 6x for HEV

φ66, 4x for EV

φ140, 6x for HEV

Application example:
Motor control
・ Traction motor for EV/HEV/PHEV
・ Generator for start-stop system
・ In-wheel motors for EV
・ DC brush-less motor for factory automation, etc.

Offering any size and type of the angular sensor for angle and speed control.

Specification example:

>> click here for the specification example

Segment Type Sensor

● Applicable to large dia shaft

Space-saving segmented sensor head can be applied to the larger dia shaft.

ex. φ300 mm or larger

● Easy maintenance

No need to disassemble the shaft for small and segmental sensor head installation

● Design options

Winding coil type & Printed coil pattern type available

Application example:
Motor / Engine control
Installation on the large dia flywheel
Multi-turn Absolute Sensor
(Signal converter embedded type)

● Super-high resolution

ex. 0.001373 deg

● Wide absolute measurement angle
with no battery back-up

ex. 92160 deg fully absolute

Detecting mult-turn absolute rotation angle without battery back-up

● Compact package design with sensor electronics

ex. φ45 x 49 mm

● Heavy duty

ex. 10G (58 to 2000 Hz)

Application example:
Injector control system (Injection Molding Machine)

Motor position/
speed control
(Absolute control)

Specification example:

>> click here for the specification example

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