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AMITEQ is the sensor supplier who develops the sensors for a wide variety of applications.

AMITEQ has many fundamental and original sensing technologies.
They are the AMITEQ's intellectual property and granted the patents.
The actual sensors, which are composed of the AMITEQ technologies, are designed and sold by AMITEQ with AMITEQ's brand as ODM (Original Design Manufactured) product.

The AMITEQ sensors are manufactured by the contract companies who have the official certifications of manufacturing as ISO/TS16949, and the quality of the AMITEQ products are always kept high.

AMITEQ owns the technologies for both sensing element components and signal converter circuits including custom ICs (Integrated Circuits).

AMITEQ is the pathfinder of the coil-less rotor technology of the brush-less rotary sensor (resolver), and innovated the resolver performance & durability.

* The history of the rotary sensor (resolver) is shown in Fig.1-Angular Sensor (Resolver) History.

AMITEQ initiated the contact-less sensor INDUCTCODER® which is based on the fundamental sensing technology of the AMITEQ position sensors.

The technology of
INDUCTCODER® is applied to many types of the sensors as Angular sensor, Linear displacement sensor, Pressure sensor, Force sensor, and etc.

AMITEQ has the own sensor technologies and many good results in the industrial and automotive fields.

AMITEQ develops and produces the sensors, which meet the customer requirements. The optimized sensors for each application are produced by AMITEQ.

Brush-less Resolver (angular sensor) history = AMITEQ
Fig.1-Angular Sensor (Resolver) History

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