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Following sensors are typical examples of the AMITEQ products.
The sensor specifications as dimension, performance, and etc can be designed for each application.

2-D Position Sensor - Examples

2-D Position Sensor

● Multi-axis simultaneous output

The sensor measures the displacement data on at least two axes simultaneously with high resolution.

The tilt and rotation angle of the sensor can be measured (optional)

● High resolution

ex. 0.001 mm (1 μm)

● Compact package design

ex. φ20 x 14 mm

Application example:
2-D Positioning / Centering

2-D plane position sensor measures X-Y position (detecting position coordinate) of the work for machine tools' positioning (centering).
The tilt and rotation angle of the work can be also measured by single 2-D position sensor. (optional)

Specification example:

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