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Following sensors are typical examples of the AMITEQ products.
The sensor specifications as dimension, performance, and etc can be designed for each application.

Pressure / Force Sensor - Examples

Pressure Sensor

● Spike pressure resistant
(No strain-gage)

ex. Spike pressure-proof

● Compact package design

ex. φ30 x 46 mm
Offering large variety of fitting port types

● Electronics embedded

ex.Three-wire connection including output signal (DC analog voltage, serial comm, etc.)

Application example:
Injection pressure control
Force Sensor

● Bi-directional measurement

ex. Tension and compression

● Wide measurement condition

Force can be measured at both stationary and dymanic conditions

● Multi-axis measurement

3-D force measurement is optional

Application example:
Spot welder (Contact load control at welding spot)

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