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Technical Ability
■ Flexible design
  • Small, Large, Thin, Fat, any shape sensors can be designed.
Thanks to simple coil concept, single winding coil, printed pattern coil, either way is applicable for each application.

■ Multi-turn angle and long displacement
  • Available with compact sensor size
The AMITEQ fundamental sensing technology offers high repeatability and fine resolution.
The characteristic leads the technologies of the multi-turn and long stroke measurement without accuracy deterioration.

■ 2-D Position Sensor
  • Best fit for the centering position application......
The 2-D position sensor measures the displacement data on at least two axes simultaneously.
The X-Y position data can be calculated from the sensor data easily and accurately in the higher-level control electronics.

■ Many options of the electrical interface
  • Offering output signal type example

- Parallel data bus
- RS422
- RS485
- RS232C
- FM

- PSI5
- Analog output

- DC voltage
- Electric current

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