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Following sensors are typical examples of the AMITEQ products.
The sensor specifications as dimension, performance, and etc can be designed for each application.

Specification Example *1

All-in-one Absolute

(Electronics embedded type)
ex. Linear Solenoid Stroke Sensor
All-in-one Absolute Linear Sensor
(Electronics embedded type)
Body size
φ32 x 35 mm (incl. electromagnetic noise shield case)
Dual coil technology
(Fully absolute type)
+/- 1% @ 7 mm stroke range
Measurement stroke *2
13 mm
Number of external wires
Operating temperature
-30 to 90 deg-C
Storage temperature
-40 to 120 deg-C
15G, 50 to 500Hz
0.06 kg (Body), 0.002 kg (Core)
Power supply voltage *3
5 +/- 0.25 VDC
Output type *4
Analog DC Output (1 to 4 VDC)
*1: The specifications are one of the samples of the AMITEQ sensors. AMITEQ provides the sensors, which meet the customer requirements as size, accuracy, operating environment, etc.
*2: Flexible design for long stroke and short stroke applications.
*3: High voltage power input is optional
*4: Many different types of the output signal are acceptable. ex. analog output, PWM, serial communication, SENT, and etc.

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